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Studies in France

Have you ever considered studying in France? We are here to help you with all the necessary procedures.
Why do I choose France?


  • Tuition costs at French universities are very low (around € 200 / year). It is public and open to everyone.

  • The fields of French universities vary and the level is excellent in all fields. The field of Research is a priority in French education.

  • Diplomas from French universities are recognized worldwide.

  • French is the fourth language in the world. It is one of the three working languages of the European Union, but also of other international organizations.

  • France is the third country in the world in the number of foreign students studying at French universities (300 000)



For more information on student life in France, you can follow the link below

Paphos Alliance Française is also at your disposal to inform you about all the opportunities at French Universities

You can also contact Campus France directly for further guidance and registration with

Mrs. Nada Papaeftychiou

Tel: 22 459 335

If you plan to study in France next September, you can contact the Alliance Francaise to help you enroll in French Universities. The procedures for your admission to undergraduate studies in French universities starting from mid January and lasts until mid-March.

Price: 120 €

French Learning Trips

If your French level does not allow you to study directly at any French educational institution, you can contact us to find out about our organized educational trips aimed at learning the French language (for all ages

useful links

Information about scholarships at French Universities and other important information about student life in France can be found at the following link:

Information on the amount of financial assistance offered by the French government regarding the rental of student apartments can be found at the link below

Information on scholarships for French universities offered by the Republic of Cyprus can be found at the link below

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