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French lessons

Paphos Alliance Française delivers preparation courses for all French diplomas and certifications (DELF, DALF, IGCSE…) as well as for all ages.
Classes range from French lessons for elementary students to specialized French lessons for adults.

Do you speak French? Come to the Alliance Française.

Registrations for the new year have begun!

Paphos Alliance Française belongs to the International Network of 832 Alliances located in 132 countries.

Qualified and experienced French or French-speaking teachers, small group lessons, innovative teaching tools

> Group lessons for children, young people and adults

> Individual lessons

> Private lessons at home, in our home or online based on the needs and level of each student.

> French language courses for children 5-8 years old.

Lessons for French-speaking children.

> French teachers undertake the learning of the French school curriculum for French-speaking children.

> Preparation for French or French-speaking Universities

> Specialized courses for professionals.

> Specialized courses, based on your field of preference.

Repetition courses for competitions.

> Our teachers can help you refresh your knowledge, solve your questions and prepare you properly to achieve your goal.

> Cultural and pedagogical activities throughout the school year

Information and registration: 26948760,

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